The Weave

Ammonite fossil in copper weave bezel

The weave is the most beautiful wire wrap design to me. It is a design that goes back to the foundational elements of basket weaving. Basket weaving is a craft that is centuries old. In fact, because of the natural elements used in basket weaving, it is hard for historians to put an exact period of time when basket weaving first came into practice. The natural materials in baskets often decay over time so, much of what was created so many years ago has been lost.

Why weave with wire? Well, for one, it is strong. The weave has a “basket” kind of effect. It holds a stone and a shape very well. It is a beautiful, intricate display that catches the eye. The first stone I worked on while learning the weave wrap was a river rock. The more I practiced doing the weave, the most versatility I found in the design. The weave is the staple of my designs. It is the basis of most of my work.

I just completed this ring, which is a weaved band. The band is very comfortable and strong. Since it is done in sterling silver, it will need to be polished which, can easily be done with a polishing cloth. Polishing cloths can be purchased at any local jewelry store at very inexpensive pricing (usually between $8 – $10 and they can last many years).

Faceted Aventurine Round wired into weave wrap ring
Antique Cross Key

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