The Rough and Refined

Fossilized Coral and Faceted Lemon Quartz

The elements of any creative endeavor are what makes the end result fascinating or maybe, just, nice. As the texture of a painting makes it alluring so does the texture of wire craft with various stones. The rough and refined create a balance of character that brings two opposite personalities into harmony.

Fossilized coral, or more properly, agatized coral, is a piece of coral that over the course of millions of years becomes agate through a process of replacement of the organic material. The above agatized coral is considered gem grade due to the crystal druzy embedding the surface. The grey undertone allows the yellow sparkle of the lemon quartz to stand out. These pieces will be bound together using sterling silver wire and maybe some gold-filled wire. What is gold-filled wire? That’s for another post. Until next time when I finish this rough and refined piece. 🙂

The Floating Lemon

I had this idea and it came to fruition. I love art and I do a bit of painting on the side. It is a relaxing way for me to express myself and it is through the concept of painting and framing a picture that I wanted to “frame” a pretty little faceted stone. With a nice squarish piece of fossilized coral that had a perfect white background with a bit of sparkle, I added a faceted lemon smoky quartz to dangle in front of the “frame” – this came out more eye-catching than what I had imagined in my head. It’s unusual to have that happen. Typically, I have a hard time achieving what is drawn in my head and I accept the changes and adjustments that some designs require. This one surprised me.

There is a public exhibit getting ready to take place in my local town of Fayetteville, North Carolina. It is an open, non-juried exhibit which I appreciate so much. This enables all kinds of people who have creative abilities the opportunity to show their work. I am always surprised at the talent that comes out. So, the “Floating Lemon” which is what I am naming the piece is going to be exhibited for about a month and if it does not sell then it will be placed within the walls of my Etsy store. Fingers crossed. Pricing is at $130.00 with a gift box included.